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Yao Jinnan - Floor Exercise @ 2011 Tokyo World Championships

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Marine Debauve 2008



1. what the fuck is that tattoo

2. what the fuck is going on with that hair

3. i feel like i haven’t seen him in ten years whats going on

reblogging just because of the comments… i’m feeling ya

he kinda looks like the singer from the 1975 with that hair… 

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Anonymous asked:
Parallel world: Bross never got injured.


because she’s had a lot of bad luck (or bad coaching?) and she could have done much more, and her injury before 2011 worlds was awful (also this is the only appropriate reaction to anyone NOT being injuried) 

(even if I’m not really a fan of her gymnastics, I don’t hate it but I don’t love it either)


Nordics 2014


30 day gymternet challenge

Day 4, MAG crush: Philipp Boy

I’ve just seen Epke’s new HB routine and it’s amazing, I guess the plan is to connect the 4 (FOUR!) releases, it’s insane, I love him!

Can anyone gif it? prettyplease (the video was pretty bad quality though :/ i’m not even gonna try, my gifs are horrible even when i use good quality videos, but some people have supernatural photoshop skills)


Lets do that thing where you leave something gymnastics wise in my ask box and I reply with a gif.

Ex: Aly is great on bars!!